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New Mexico is my home---peace here matters to me & my family.

I was born and raised in Albuquerque, graduated from Del Norte High, and then went across country to attend Faulkner University.  At Faulkner I first got my bachelor's degree in Management of Human Resources.  I also studied art, religion, psychology and sociology.  Continuing on with Jones School of Law at Faulkner, I  received a doctorate degree in law.  What followed was a over a dozen years in a small firm law practice handling a wide variety of family and civil rights matters.  I was appointed as deputy attorney general to represent the state's interest in helping neglected children and served on the board of directors for non-profit corporations assisting women in crisis and men transitioning from prison back to their community.  I've handled several hundred divorces, domestic violence, and custody matters, representing all sides of the family: men, women, as well as children.  I saw first hand the damage the typical adversarial process can do, and made every effort to be a peace maker wherever possible.  I also handled hundreds of criminal defense matters, personal injury claims, products liability and much more.  I came to be known as the go-to guy in my community to handle adoptions and civil rights violations.  In returning back to my beloved homeland of New Mexico, I've choosen to focus on peace making and mediation rather than advocating one side or another.

My postdoctoral education has continued to examine all aspects of law and societal constructs, yet with a strong focus on alternative dispute resolution.  I've attended and have been granted certificates in mediation and alternative dispute resolution from the University of New Mexico School of Law and other continuing legal education providers. My professional memberships and associations include:

The American Bar Association
The Albuquerque Bar Association
The Institute for Christian Conciliation
The International Alliance of Holistic Lawyers
Member of Mediate.com
Member of CuttingEdgeLaw.com
The New Mexico Mediation Association
and other legal and ADR groups.

"Personally and professionally I've enjoyed tremendous success as well as enduring the pain and remorse of devastating failure.  While our society glorifies success, it has been my failures that have given me the wisdom and knowing empathy to help others in their difficult times." Kelly Vickers

Since having a supernatural, out of body encounter with God as a child, I've been passionate about spiritual matters--engaging in a life long quest to understand and convey the astonishing unconditional love I felt in that meeting with God long ago.  I was ordained as a minister and co-pastored a non-denominational church for several years.  My ministry today is more personal, providing open, loving counsel to individuals and families in crisis and to those seeking to understand the depth of the Creator's love. I am a follower of God in the way of Jesus enhanced by a deep respect for other spiritual paths.  I'm also a certified Reiki Master and a certified Qi Gong practitioner. My study in spiritual matters and healing modalities is an ongoing passion.

I've enjoyed many other endeavors which add depth to my abilities. I worked for a dozen years in restaurant management.  This experience, continuously resolving business, staff and customer problems, laid a great foundation in dealing with crisis situations in the legal and personal realm.  I'm also an author, artist, magician, actor (both on stage and on film), and a teacher and lecturer on a variety of topics.  I have a teenage son, Timothy, that I adopted with my former spouse.  I also helped nurture over one hundred foster children, mostly babies, and helped raise two awesome step-children---who now have kids of their own. 

I am committed to impacting my community and beyond. I'm on the board of directors of Keep New Mexico Beautiful.  I'm involved with Richard Rohr's Center for Action and Contemplation, provide promotional assistance in the arts, and I lobby and assist in various civil rights causes.  I strive to be an active and generous supporter in art, music, theater,  environmental issues and the local zoo/biopark.  I attend the Center for Spiritual Living & Sagebrush Community Church as well as other spiritual groups and local and national conferences.

It is my hope and delight to pull together this marvelously diverse background in my practice of mediation and other forms of ADR.


Wise and Compassionate with Subject Matter Expertise
Kelly Vickers, B.S. J.D.
Awarded the 2010 Stephen Sprague Award
for encouraging and promoting participation,
accessibility, active represenation & leadership
from diverse populations within
the association & in the field of
conflict management
by the The New Mexico Mediation Association


I believe in marriage and divorce equality
Recommended by my peers