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Custody and Communication Made Easy. - The OurFamilyWizard® website
Co-parenting and shared/joint child custody management for divorced or unmarried parents. Parenting time, visitation schedules, activities, expenses, messaging, journals and more.
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For the Record...


It seems like everybody and their dog has a slightly different opinion about child custody.  The truth is, the only experts on what's right for your children is you and the other parent.  In a custody dispute mediation is the only way for your child to have the benefit of the best decision makers for them.  That said, it's likely of some interest to you to see what the "experts" recommend:

FatherMag has some great articles which promote the importance of promoting the relationships between children and their fathers.

Dr. Robert Emory divides custody recommendations into categories describing the divorce circumstances: angry, cooperative and distant.

Dr. Eric Frazer has a rich website focused on providing child custody recommendations based on what is developmentally appropriate.  Dr. Frazer is an example of what might be decided if an expert custody evaluator is ordered by the court.