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Over the last twenty years I've helped over a thousand individuals and couples as they dealt with times of crisis in their life. As both an attorney and ordained minister I've helped folks through the death of a loved one, lost jobs, financial crisis, divorce, criminal charges, mid-life crisis, relationship troubles, adoption, wayward children and much more. My practice now is primarily in mediation and coaching, and no legal services are offered. I listen compassionately and without judging to your situation and help brainstorm ways to turn the situation around and help you find peace in the storm. My role is not so much to give you the answers as it is to ask the right questions which allow you to find the answers which may well already be within you---they're just blocked.  When you can't see the forest for the trees, you need someone with a God's eye view.  I can help.

Whatever your background, you are safe with me. As a mediator and as a minister I am sworn to maintain confidentiality. Whatever your greatest shame or challenge may be, I assure you I've seen infinitely worse. My office is a place where you can just breathe and BE---without concern about what I might think. You are unconditionally accepted and empowered here to find and attain your highest destiny.

I have specific training in the area of life coaching and am able to adapt my resources to meet your needs. Indeed, more than my extensive education and experience, my wisdom in this area primarily comes from having endured great hardship and times of crisis myself and come out stronger on the other side.

I am particularly passionate about this area of my practice and offer a sliding scale (from $60 to $120 per hour) to be sure  that most anyone who needs me can get the assistance they need.  Please call me; we'll make it work.

If you've been wounded by a faith community or if your spiritual life has turned upsidedown, I am a compassionate listener who understands and helps you move forward without judgment, only love.  Where I may be a little further down the path, I will gladly act as a Noble Pointer, helping you find your way.

Folks of all faiths (or lack thereof) are welcome.  I have experience working with folks with physical challenges as well.  I particularly enjoy working with LGBT folks and folks with body image issues.  Been there, done that, bought the 3X T-shirt...

Kelly Vickers,    Life Coach     340-1107 in ABQ

We Gladly Accept Cash, Checks, PayPal & Most Major Credit Cards.
Love, Love will keep us together