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•Litigation is focused on the past. 
  Mediation is focused on your future.
•Confidential and private----parties maintain control
•Resolve your case on your schedule, not the court's
•Mediation is much less expensive than going to trial

Skilled negotiation and guided facilitation of solutions with parties in conflict is an art form.  I spent eight years in college and twenty+ years dealing with folks in conflict learning how to best meet your needs. I am a neutral---the only side I'm on is peace itself.  I skillfully help reveal the motives of why each party wants what they want and help guide the parties towards creative solutions that have a win-win result.  I'm patient and unfazed when folks are difficult.  I stand outside the baggage and hurts the parties have from what may be years of struggle.  I stay focused on the future, and a positive result for all parties.

I meet with the parties and sometimes their legal counsel or other collaborative professionals to determine the issues which need to be resolved and the positions of all the involved parties.  Then at least one session is held wherein I facilitate communication---never judging, just guiding the parties towards the best possible result.

I strongly recommend that parties consult with attorneys, accountants and counselors as needed to ensure that they are empowered to obtain the best possible result in their unique circumstances.

Take a look at the video below.  Which is the truth? My work in mediation is dealing with two people who view the same things from wildly different perspectives. Each side hopes I will declare their side is THE truth. There's no love and compassion in that, just a winner and a loser. I get more done when we honor each person's truth, and then create a new perspective that works for both of them.
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